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Jacks and Jokers

Rules, Regulations, and Winners


Jacks & Jokers Drawing Results

The Jackpot for Saturday night’s Jacks & Jokers Drawing on March 11, 2023, was $151,456. Tammi Louder had her name drawn out. Tammi had number 53 on her ticket. Envelope number 53 contained the 5 of Clubs. Tammi was here and won $500 so the carryover to next week's drawing will be $150,956.00. Tickets can be bought for $1.00 until 8:30pm next Saturday. The lodge does not keep any money from this game. Good Luck.

Jacks & Jokers Drawing Rules

We needed to clarify when the Bonus Drawings would take place so here is the clarification on the updated Jacks & Jokers Rules. We will have the 12 Bonus Drawings only if the Jackpot is over $180,000.00 after the first ticket gets pulled out and any payouts are made according to what card is in the envelope. Example, Jackpot is

$185,000.00 and Joe Brown has his name pulled out. Joe has #16 on his ticket. Envelope #16 has the Jack of Clubs inside it. Joe is not here so he wins 15% of the jackpot, $27,750.00. The Jackpot started at $185,000.00 minus the $27,750.00 payout so now the jackpot is $157,250.00. There would not be any bonus drawings due to the jackpot being below $180,000.00 after the first ticket was drawn and monies paid out according to what card was in the envelope.

The drawing starts with 54 cards in sealed envelopes. The envelopes are placed randomly on a table and the lodge members draw cards one at a time. As the envelopes are drawn, they are numbered 1 to 54 and placed in  the display case in the club room. Tickets are on sale for each week’s drawing for $1.00 per ticket. Ticket sales      end at 8:30PM the night of each drawing. YOU MUST BE A PAID-UP MEMBER OF MOOSE LODGE 499 TO BE ELIGIBLE.

When you purchase a Jacks and Jokers ticket you must PRINT or stamp your name (as it appears on your Moose ID card) and the number of the envelope that you think holds the Jack of Diamonds, on each ticket. Only one name may be written or stamped on a ticket. If a ticket is drawn on which the name or number is not legible, does not match their Moose ID card, or there is no number on the ticket, the ticket will be discarded and another ticket drawn. Jacks and Jokers tickets are NOT to be removed from the lodge.

At 9:00pm one ticket will be drawn from all those purchased for that week’s drawing. Once a ticket has been drawn the membership card of the person whose name is on the ticket will be checked to make sure the member is eligible and the name on the ticket matches their Moose ID card. If the member is not eligible or if the name does not match their Moose ID card, the ticket will be discarded and another ticket will be drawn. Tickets with mailing address labels on them will be discarded.

Once a valid ticket has been drawn, the envelope with the number written on the ticket will be removed from the display case and opened. If the envelope contains the Jack of Diamonds the person whose name is on the ticket wins 90% of the JACKPOT if present, 50% if not present. The remaining 10% will be used to start the next game. Any other Jack is worth 30 PERCENT OF THE JACKPOT. A Joker pays 10% OF THE JACKPOT. If the member whose name is on the ticket is not present for the drawing the payout will be HALF of the percentages listed above (15 PERCENT, or 5 PERCENT respectfully of the jackpot).

If you are present for the drawing and your name is drawn, and the card in the envelope is not a winner, you can still win!!! When the jackpot reaches $1,000.00, we will give $50.00 to the person whose name is drawn if they do not have a winning card. When the jackpot reaches $5,000.00 that prize goes up to $200.00!! When the jackpot reaches $100,000.00 that prize goes up to $500.00. These prizes are NOT in addition to any amount paid for a winning card and are paid ONLY if the card drawn is not a Jack or a Joker. If the Jackpot is over $180,000.00, after the first ticket is drawn out and after any payouts are completed from the card in the envelope, there will be 12 bonus drawings for $5,000 each, THE MEMBER DOES NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN ANY OF THE 12 BONUS DRAWINGS, once a ticket is drawn out of the hopper it stays out of the hopper, including the first ticket drawn, one member can win multiple bonus drawings. Any winnings over $599.00 will have federal taxes taken out of  their winnings, drawing winners will receive a check no sooner than the Monday following the drawing.

The ticket sales and money taken in for the Jacks and Jokers drawing are audited EVERY DAY by our Lodge Administrator and are reported to the Lodge Board of Officers. Ask any lodge officer for more information.

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